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 About "Yijiabao"  He was "Yijiabao" intelligent self Kit
 He is the family's Hospital, the bed
 of the pharmacy.
 He is a health guard who has not
 been cured of the disease.
 He is a gift that everyone should
 be prepared for life.
 He will bring fast, convenient and
 effective health services to millions of families.
"Yijiabao" intelligent self Kit
"Yijiabao" intelligent self kit by remote interrogation, drug storage, self detection of three function components.
Remote interrogation, solve the "chemists", to provide 7X24 hours and advisory services to users.
Drug storage and emergency management, to solve the problem of "fast, convenient and effective", SOS emergency and first-aid kit ready for user's life and body to escort.
Self testing, to solve the problem of "no cure has been cured disease". Open at any time, at any time can be detected, nip in the bud.
"A treasure" intelligent self kit provides the number of vital signs detection and drug storage space, and its main function module includes: remind the health detection, network of doctors, health mall, health garden, drug management, medication, health inspection, health chat room.