Your position now "membership registration provisions

<p class="ordinary-output target-output"> <span left-pos="0|48" right-pos="0|48" space="1|&#10;">Dear customer, welcome you to apply for the membership!</span><br /> <br /> <span left-pos="50|123" right-pos="0|123" space="">For the maintenance of the basic rights of members, clear between the station and the rights and obligations of the members, regulate the behavior of both made this agreement.</span><span left-pos="173|69" right-pos="123|69" space="0| "> Before you apply for registration, read carefully and accurately understand the terms of the agreement.</span><span left-pos="242|153" right-pos="192|153" space="0| ,1|&#10;"> Anyone who wants to become a member, only by clicking the &quot;I agree&quot;, show the unconditional acceptance of all of the following terms of service, in order to continue to the next step of the registration procedure.</span></p>